These days, many marketers are attempting to craft a better user experience for consumers. Smarter search, a better website, clearer messaging and a shorter path to purchase, are all tactics commonly employed. Today’s user experience is heavily focused on conversion. And why not? Conversion provides the lead generation and revenue that drives business forward.  But there is a second half to user experience strategy that is often neglected: retention. The concept of retention is not new; it’s simply not generally considered part of the user experience model. One of the most opportune times to further sales and awareness is when a newly converted customer is pleased with their transaction and is willing to tell others. Feedback, word-of-mouth, loyalty, and new product promotion can all be a part of the retention strategy based on a holistic user experience.

At Gamma, we know that UX is not just about what you do during the acquisition phase of the customer relationship, but also what you do when you’ve got their attention.